Removing a lead vocal

I’ve got a project with almost zero turn around time. The client want’s to make an accompaniment recording for a singer and can’t find a karaoke version. In a last ditch effort to help this guy, I wondered if I could just remove the lead vocal from the stereo mp3 file he sent me. I can do phase invert, of course. But I know that will give me “ghosts.” Are there any Nuendo plug(s) that could help me maker a cleaner removal?

No really good solution coming with Nuendo.
I tried this here with great success a while ago.
With this I removed an instrument from a stereo music track.
There is a 3 minute demo version available.

Cheer, Big K

Ouch, that’s a serious price tag! Melodyne was doing pretty well at this. But it kept removing too much of the guitar track under the vocal. I had hoped there was something included IN Nuendo 8 that I might use in conjunction with any of my other plugs, since film mixers have to clean up location sound all the time. I wonder if I’d make out any better with Izotope RX4? There’s no way I could justify the purchase of the algorithmix plug. This is the 1st and ONLY time I’ve been asked to do something like this. Thanks for your help. :smiley:

Yes, it was/is rather expensive, but it made jobs possible that were in no other way feasible.
Not 10+ years ago, anyway. Try the demo. It might be enough for this particular job.

Cheers, Big K