Removing added pages and hiding Flows

I have two problems.

(1) I added 5 pages to the beginning of my score to add a title page and performance instructions. I ended up only needing 3 pages and now have two blank pages. I can’t find a way to delete these pages. When I try to delete pages 4 and 5, the empty pages are then filled with the first two pages of the score, and then the score starts again from page 6, so I get the first two pages twice.

(2) I included two score examples in my performance instructions. I did this by creating the examples in two new flows (flow 2 and 3). How can I hide Flows 2 and 3 (without hiding their appearance in the performance instructions) when I create a PDF?

Cheers, Matthew

Welcome to the forum Matthew!

When you insert pages, they’re considered “page overrides” by Dorico - as they’re an override to the default page formats, which come from the master pages. If you haven’t got overrides on any other pages than the 5 inserted ones, removing the overrides from pages 4-5 should work correctly. If not, feel free to share your project in this thread (or direct to me if you don’t want to share it publicly).

For showing performance instructions in the front matter but not at the end of the layout, edit one of the master pages (either First or Default, it doesn’t matter which) and use the selectors to untick flows 2 & 3 and remove them from the frame chain. If they’re still assigned to the layout, you can draw them in wherever you like but Dorico won’t add them automatically.

Thanks so much Lillie. The second problem is now resolved, but removing the overrides from pages 4-5 hasn’t solved the problem I described in my first post (the first two pages of the score are duplicated onto these pages when I do this), so I am taking your kind offer to take a look at it. Attached below. Cheers, Matthew
Cl and Acc FINAL.dorico (973.9 KB)

Cl and Acc FINAL.dorico (715.1 KB)

Amazing, cheers. What was I doing wrong?

I removed the page overrides for page 4-5 only, and they got deleted automagically.


actually then removed the overrides for all pages but the first 3

Hi Matthew, yes that’s quite a lot of page overrides!

Do spend some time getting familiar with master pages - for instance, it looks like you deleted the {@ flowtitle @} from each page individually? You don’t need to do that - edit the Default master page and remove it from there, and all (not overridden) pages will get updated. You can also hide the flow heading (that shows “1. Flow 1” on the first page of music) in Layout Options rather than deleting the frame, and also I’d recommend setting this option for when the First master page is used to “any flow starting at the top of the page” in this project, so that the first page of music shows the project title automatically.

Likewise your page numbers seemed to end up misaligned, I suspect because those pages were overridden before you changed the front matter pages (so even-numbered page numbers that wanted to be in the top-left ended up in the top-right but still with their outside alignment, which comes from their paragraph style).

For your title page, because you can now export and import master pages between projects, I’d recommend setting yourself up with a custom master page to allow for easy consistent formatting of your front pages (rather than drawing them in every time).

Amazing Lillie, that is super helpful.