Removing automatically created flow page

Urgh- not the best title I know.

Ok - so first time trying to do something a little bit fancy with the Engrave mode - I have a solo at the start of a piece, which I would like to notate independently of the main score.

To detach it and make sure the cautionary time signature doesn’t show, I cut and paste into a new flow, then I create an LA flow above the MA flow with just the new flow in it:

Now - I have the automatically created flow page at the end, and no way that I can see of deleting it:

So… how to delete it? If I don’t include it in the Layout then of course the LA flow is blank.

Side note: I think I understand why the master flow works the way it does, but wonder whether there’s a more open ended way to do this - I’m thinking about how Indesign handles flows from one text box to another, warning you if there’s overset text, and generally being hands off about what text goes where…

Many thanks for help in advance. Apologies if I’m just not seeing something obvious.

This came up just yesterday: Music frames on blank page - #2 by pianoleo

Ah thanks Leo - I skim read that at the time and didn’t take it in. You’d think that having found the filter list in the LA frame I might have considered doing the same in the MA frame (facepalm).

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