Removing Automation Lane

If I setup a few automation lanes on a track to automate a few different parameters (EQ insert output bypass, track volume automation, insert bypass etc) and then decide to remove an automation lane and its affect by hitting the minus button on the top left corner of the lane, it doesn’t always eliminate the automation affect from the project playback. The lane disappears but sometimes the affect that was occurring continues to occur in the project anyway.
I can set up a few automation lanes on a track, including one that bypasses an insert output, then decide to eliminate that automation by hitting the minus button on the lane to remove that automation lane which disappears from the lane list. However when I then play the track back I can see the insert change colour, hear it engage and go from bypassed to on, just as the automation was doing before removal. It’s like the project is remembering all the automation lanes and continues to enact some deleted automation lanes as they existed before deletion.
Is this connected in some way to some other automation issues I see in 9.5?

You are not removing the Lane with the minus button, you are just folding it into the track so it is not visible. Either make the Lane visible again, select & delete all the data on it. Or make the Lane visible again and disable its Read Button.