Removing Bass Stave from Piano

Hi Experts!

Is it possible to remove the bass stave from an existing piano instrument? And if so: how? Goal is to make a version with a single staved slash/chord notation part out of an existing piano part (converting notes to stems). Selecting an existing piano instrument with one stave only would also be a possibility but I can’t find one.
It would also be useful for lead sheet notation as a piano is a nicer instrument sound to work with as a voice/woodwind/brass instrument.

Additional question: When converting notes to slashes selecting the Voices menu I can select slashes with stems up, stems down and without stems. How do I create a mixed voice with and without stems? When I switch from one mode to the other it concerns the complete instrument (all stems down or all no stems). In the properties panel I can switch stems direction for selected notes but not “without stems”.

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Main question:

Two options:

  1. Set layout options to hide empty staves on all systems.
  2. Right click the first rest in the bottom staff and go Staff > Remove Staff. (It might be Stave rather than Staff. I can’t remember and I’m not in front of the computer; sorry).

Additional question: I think you probably need to select the notes you want to be stemless and make them a separate voice. Or just hide the stems from the bottom panel.

Very good solution! Thanks!

Got it! Best way to prepare an instrument for lead sheet!

That works too. Thanks a lot!