Removing Cubase 6 generic lower latency ASIO driver?

I use the Cakewalk UA-25EX external audio interface in my PC recording setup. This unit has its own driver. After I installed Cubase 6 I couldn’t help but notice that it has a generic lower latency ASIO driver that shows up and sometimes interferes with the UA-25EX driver. I have other DAWS that I run, in particular Sonar Producer X1.

There doesn’t appear to be an option to uninstall the Cubase ASIO driver or the Cubase DirectX Full Duplex ASIO driver.

Is there a way to remove these drivers without resorting to Windows Registry surgery? The help file for the driver (C:/Program Files/Steinberg/Asio/Help/asioglld_ENG.htm) makes no mention of uninstallation, and neither drivers have an uninstall program nor do they appear in the Windows Control Panel list of programs. I’m tempted to either rename or delete the Asio folder at C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Asio and then see what happens when Cubase 6 is run.

I finally got around to asking Steinberg Support for help with my question. Here is the response I received, which also included information about disabling or uninstalling the Cubase DirectX Full Duplex ASIO driver:

You cannot really uninstall them but you could try disabling your onboard audio either from the BIOS or from the hardware device manager in your system.

The direct x option will most likely still appear as the edirol [Cakewalk] device uses that and or asio. But by disable the onboard audio devices or devices then the direct x would only be communicating with the edirol and not the others.

If you do find it in the bios then also check the hard ware device manger after you shut it off because sometimes you may have a few things in the sound video and game controllers that are still seen as audio devices like for instance sometimes a web cam with mic.