Removing default key command

so, i have added alt-H as a command to hide all flags (i assume it will also show them when hidden, since there isnt an option for that), but alt-H is already the command to open the help menu. I dont need a key command for that, so i am happy to replace it.
however, i cant find any place in the key commands window where it shows the command for opening the help dropdown. how do i do this?

I am also surprised it doesnt tell me where it is or even what the command is assigned to when it says the command is already assigned.

Underline Access Keys (holding Alt and then an underlined letter in a menu name) is a Windows feature, not a Dorico feature.

You can turn them off globally. See Enable Underline Access Keys for Menus in Windows 10 for instance. I’m pretty sure you can’t do anything about them on a local basis, though, and Dorico certainly can’t.

oh, my. i didnt expect that. thanks. I suppose i would know that if i had ever learned to navigate windows without a mouse.

I feel like dorico ought to tell me ‘this command is in use by your system’.