Removing Digital Clicks?

Does anyone have advice on how to best remove small digital clicks with SL? I’m able to remove them with Izotope RX, and even Waves X-Click. However, using SL I can’t seem to repair these issues.

I feel like I’ve tried every conceivable setting in the ‘repair click’ module, and it will reduce the click somewhat, but not by much, whereas the two options mentioned above will zap the click out 100%.

FWIW, here’s a picture from SL showing the clicks in question. You can see the clicks are more prevalent in the right channel.

I use Acon Digital Restoration Suite Declicker for my main declicking chores. Decrackler might work better on digital clicks, but I haven’t found the need to experiment yet.

Hi benmrx, can you send me that audio sample to contact [at] ? I’ll see if I can get better results, and if not this would help improve the declick algorithm in a future patch.

Thanks Robin. Email sent :slight_smile:

I had troubles receiving your email and replying to it (address unknown) - please check your PM.