Removing Expired License, error 0xc000007b

When launching Cubase 11 Pro, I get a message saying that some content Acustic Guitar 01, cannot be loaded, maybe missing license or expired. How can I check license? How can I remove Acustic Guitar 01. I did install it yesterday.

Help Please!

Uninstall depends on the operating system? Are you on Windows or Mac?

Windows 10 - 64 bit

Ok. So go to the Start button, Settings, Apps, find Acustic Guitar 01, select it, and click Uninstall.

Thanks, Now I found out that the app is registered and the problem is the eLicenser. It doen’t open and is disabling my Cubase apps. I tried reinstalling eLicenser several times today and no success. It is destroying my workflow. I am getting the error 0xc000007b. Can you help?

Followed your instruction and Acustic Guitar 01 is not there to be uninstalled. I can’t find it in apps or programs.

Sorry, I don’t know what else to suggest other than perhaps you should contact support.

Thanks for your help. I found another way to remove Acustic Guitar 01 , if I want to. It can also be done inside Download Assistante. Find the app, click open and inside Cubase/Nuendo (top menu), one should see Acustic Guitar 01 listed with options (Move, Remove, Details).