Removing extra treble stave on bottom

How do I remove extra treble stave on bottom of page in Dorico Elements 5 on Mac. Thank you for your help.

Hi @mmm3rdpower , is not very clear what you are referring to. Can you share a screenshot or even better the Dorico project?

I made a screenshot of the bottom Stave or staff which I would like to delete. Thank you for your help

Hi @mmm3rdpower you asked the same question in another thread 30 minutes ago, and didn’t reply to my post there, but instead you posted a screenshot on this new thread (even if posting a Dorico file makes everything easier). Please don’t ask the same question on different threads, as it make it redundant. You can instead add posts on the original thread, or edit your post there.

From your picture is not clear what your setup is (which players?). Probably you need to go to Setup mode, select the bottom player on the left panel, and delete it.

Hi Christian R.

I sent a screenshot to the forum about 15 minutes ago. ‘
Please look again, so that you can see it.
Thank you.


in future please reply to posts in the same thread. No need to create a new thread (it takes the question redundant). I answered in the other thread.

Hi Christian R:

Sorry if I didn’t answer your question; however the problem with the extra staff on the bottom only appeared today.
I don’t usually ask a question about the same subject twice.
Thank you.

Hi Christian_R:

There are no players; I just want to get rid of that extra staff on the bottom.
Thank you for your help.

@mmm3rdpower you keep jumping from one thread to the other with your replies (due to answering via email!). Please stay on this thread for further questions. And please try to use the forum with a browser, instead of replying to the emails. So you can have a better overview of the discussionsee and see the replies chronologically.

To help you further wen need that you post the Dorico file on this thread that you are reading just now.

If you have staves in your music (as in your screenshot), you have definitely players. If you have players, you can delete the ones that you don’t need, or reorder them as needed. Or maybe you gave piano and violin to the same player. In this case expand the Player containing both instruments, and delete the instrument that you don’t need. (it seems from screenshot that you have assigned two violins instead of one).

And here the definition of thread:

a series of electronic messages (as on a message board or social media website) following a single topic or in response to a single message

Hi Mark:

Hope I can get this thing bottom staff removed.

Pardon my ignorance; i.e. what is meant by “thread”?

Thanks for your help.


When you create a new topic on the forum, it starts a thread. All answers are shown in order if you view the forum on the web! If you only write and respond to emails you will confuse yourself and confuse (and possibly annoy) forum users, who are trying to help you.

Dear Christian-R

The extra staff disappeared by itself.
I have another question to ask of you. Can you please tell me how to make 4 bars across, so that I don’t have so many going across. I tried -4, but it didn’t eliminate the bars I wanted.
Thank you for your help.


Hi Janus:

Thanks for your advice. I certainly don’t wish to annoy other users, especially if they’re trying to help me.
By the way, the unwanted stave disappeared. I just need to know how to make 3 or 4 measures across.
I wouldn’t be asking so many questions; the person who usually helps me, is away on vacation right now. I’m trying to figure this out on my own.


Sorry I am not sure I quite understand what you need. To eliminate bars you can use also the system track :
CleanShot 2024-06-23 at 22.03.21

Hi Christian_R:

You must have a different Dorico program. I have Elements 5, but no “System Track” under view.

Thanks anyway.


You can show/hide the system track using ALT-T (in all versions of Dorico). Try it.

If you want to show 4 bars in each system always, you can set a fixed casting off.

Hi Lillie:

I have “casting off” but not a “fixed casting off” . I use a Mac and I am on Dorico Elements 5.
Thanks for your help. I know the page That I’m supposed to go to, but probably forgot or maybe something changed that I’m not aware of.


Lillie’s post contains a link to the Dorico manual page that explains, in detail, how to achieve precisely what you want.

What do you not understand? You are testing the patience of many helpful contributors.

Minna, does the Help link to the Dorico Manual not work on your machine? You seem to be (repeatedly) asking questions in multiple threads that searching the manual can answer right away.