Removing fermati except for one

Im composing a piece for piano and the double fermati are not desired, is there a way to remove said fermata or make it invisible or something?

Welcome to the forum broempoef! Fermatas are automatically shown on every staff, and once per voice on each staff. You can change the number of fermatas shown by default in Engrave > Engraving Options > Holds and Pauses > Fermatas, and for individual fermatas by selecting them and using the “Max. fermatas per staff” property in the Properties panel at the bottom of the window.

If you mean you only want to show one fermata on one staff, you might prefer to create a custom playing technique that looks like a fermata that you can then input wherever you like.

Why can’t we put one fermata on one staff? This is perfectly reasonable and found a lot in my scores. Often parts can be simultaneous but somewhat independent.

I am a new convert to Dorico, but I find I do not appreciate having Dorico force my hand about musical engaving decisions, although I know this can be helpful to many users. Perhaps there should be a ‘give me enough rope to hang myself’ option for advanced users who need to bend the rules. i write a lot of New Complexity School music and rules are often broken in that world compared to Common Era period practice.

I would cast this as a feature request. At least for the possibility of fermata independence.

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Hi Andro.
You can create two fermatas (one for above staff, another for below staff) in less than a minute in your Playing techniques (Common). Don’t forget to press the star icon in the edit window, and every new document will have this playing technique available.

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This has also come up a fair few times before, so the team is aware of the request.

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