Removing Flags

I’m working on some voice-leading graphs, where I need closed and open noteheads, with and without stems. So far, I’ve created a Notehead Set that lets me change a closed notehead into an open one; this works well for pitches with a duration of a quarter note and higher. However, there are moments where an eighth note needs to appear as an open notehead with a stem (and no flag). Unfortunately, I cannot seem to remove the eighth note flag. I’ve attached a screenshot.
Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 4.46.29 PM

Any suggestions on best next steps? Thanks!

Maybe use a 2:1 tuplet, then hide the number? That way a quarter can be used instead of the eighth, so no flag will be used.

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As @FredGUnn says, but for an open notehead use a 4:1e tuplet


I notice that you’ve chosen the “default” half-notehead which is smaller than the “larger” black notehead. You might want to make them match, or perhaps even go the opposite way. (See this early thread for explanation if needed.)

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Thanks all - this seems to solve the issue. And thanks, Mark for highlighting that! I’ll make some adjustments.