Removing Licenses on Mac - Help Please!! :)


I am running CB 7.5 on my mac pro. I checked out Triebwork (TW) and Hypnotic dance presets (HDP) a while ago but decided they are not for me.

Updating the E-licencer does not remove them and i know you have to manually remove the files but for the life of me don’t seem to be able to find them. When I locate the files indicated there is nothing in the file? Its driving me insane! Can anyone help me more than the generic Steinberg help page please?

Also when I go to Devices > Plug-In Information > Update I get a license error? It tells me I have no license for Halion Sonic which is nonsense. I think this is a spin off from the TW and HDP.

Hopefully someone can help me out :slight_smile:

You can’t remove the used demo licenses. they won’t hurt anything. Just ignore them.

Digital litterbug…

Really? Steinberg suggests you can?

I am not too bothered by the license things on start up of CB but I can’t update my VST’s as it seems to think I have a license issue - which I don’t part from the expired ones.

Maybe a content issue. When you trial TW and HD, there is the instrument (standalone version) and the content. Did you uninstall both?

Hey, The main problem is that I can’t figure out where the files are on my mac. When I find the folders it says they are empty - and I am in the main library logged in as admin. I think only PC’s have an ‘easy’ way of removing the files so you can’t just uninstall. You have to manually find all the files - pretty annoying!

Just curious. What EXACTLY does the message that you are getting say?

Here is the exact message attached in a screen shot which is really annoying. E-Licenser is fully up to date. I have a fully licensed Cubase etc. This has only started occurring since the trials of Triebwerk and Hypnotic Dance have expired.
Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 21.13.58.png

Exactly what HALion Sonic license do you have? Maybe a HS1 license with HS2 installed?
Also confirm you are not confusing HALion Sonic with Halion Sonic SE?

HI Jaslan,

Thanks for the reply. Sorry I have been busy so have not had a chance to check back. Here isa screenshot of my Cubase licenses from the E-Licenser. Perhaps this will help you be able to help me?
Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 20.02.05.jpg

It is correct… You, in fact, do not have a license for HALion Sonic. Cubase comes with HALion Sonic SE included (different product). Did you install a HALion Sonic Trial/Demo? If so, you need to un-install it.

Ah ok I get that now. Yes i installed 2 demos - Triebwerk and Hypnotic dance - i think the expired licenses can be seen on the screenshot i posted.

My main issue is that as I am on a mac and not a PC it seems like a complete pain to remove them as you can’t just uninstall like on a pc.

I have seen posts stating that you just drag the files to the trashcan. Not sure from where…?

I have this same problem. I am trying to remove Halion 4, which was a trial, but when I find the standalone app and throw it in the Trash Can (Apple’s way of un-installing), I still have it appear in my VST Instrument list.

I would really like to have it gone and not take up unnecessary space on my list.