Removing LoopMash

Is it possible to remove LoopMash (including the “content”) from the system without jeopardizing stability of 6.05?

If so, what would be the safest way to do it, i.e. which files can be removed or uninstalled?

Simply deinstall the content. Loopmash itself only has 4 MB, so the question is if it´s really necessary to remove it. If you really think you need to, I personally would simply delete it.

Hide it in:
Menu > Devices > Plugin information

Thank you for the answers!

Yes, I was going for the content rather than LM itself. So I don’t want to hide it, I want to delete it to save HD space.

What would be the best way to “deinstall” the content?

Depends on your System and OS…

the usual way in Win7
Controlpanel > Programs and Features

But if you need about 1GB of harddrive you’re in trouble.
Guess you’ve figured that out already :confused:

Thank you! :slight_smile: