removing metronome click bleed

Is there a quick way of removing metronome click bleed in the new version?

Depends on the audio material, but I would try 2 things:
-Process > Click Repair
-Selecting the metronome click, then Select > Select Similar… > Select All, then Edit > Heal

If it’s a digital metronome (beeps and not clicks), you can also try selecting the metronome spectral signature, register it and remove it with Process > Noise Reduction.

Hi Robin, this gives me another idea. I think every audio engineer has ran into this problem at least once, and many pros will buy a piece of software just to solve one problem to meet a deadline, so it could be worth it.

Essentially, BPM duplicated selections. You make a selection, go to the feature in menu ‘BPM Selection’ which brings up a window with a few parameters:

-BPM mode and BPM
------Project Grid and Offset (goes by project grid plus user defined offset to account for headphone to mic delay if needed) or Internal BPM (not based on project grid)

-Area masking threshold (ignores areas of which the problem sound would be masked by retained material)
-------Modes: Average, etc
-------Width: Area around selection to be measured

-Forward and or Backwords from reference selection point

-Smart Detection variable (will look for a variable set inconsistency to the left or right, due to material being previously edit shifted, or time sync jitter from MIDI)

but perhaps the current tools added will already accomplish this, however BPM duplication of selection could be useful in all sorts of instances when working on loop/quantized projects where a problem might be duplicated over and over, and the mix engineer or mastering engineer only has stems to work with. Or working with clocked instruments like Eurorack and needing to edit after.