Removing Motu 2408 busses I no longer use

Not a big problem but I use a Motu 24io with C7. When I select output buses it lists Motu 2408 for bus 9-16 which I’ve have installed but no longer use. The busses work correctly through the 24io so it’s just a visual problem. What I’m saying is to route something thru bus 10 of the 24io I have to select bus 2 of the 2408 even though it’s not physically present. The 2408 should be listed after bus 24 of the 24io. Bus 17 is back to the 24io.
Just bought a MR816 shortly and would like to clear this up before that gets installed.
Is there a audio preference file I can trash? Looked in there but not obvious which one it is. Other programs including Logic etc list the busses correctly so it’s just Cubase.

Mac Pro 10.6

Just simply renamed the outputs in the device setup-