removing older versions of cubase (mac)

Hi everybody,
I’ve got two questions, hope someone can help me out with them:

  1. I updated to cubase 8.5 from 7.5 few days ago. I have c7.5 and c8.5 installed at the moment. As you all know, cubase 9 just been launched and thank to grace period I’m able to update to newest version. I still have unfinished projects on 7.5 so just in case I prefer to finish them off in that version, but It’d be cool to uninstall c8.5 and install c9 instead. So, summing things up, I’d like to keep 7.5 for the time being, get rid of 8.5 and install c9. Can you tell me how to uninstall 8.5 safely? I’m using MAC with EL Captain 10.11.6

  2. As I mentioned above I’m entitled for grace period update. Can I download and activate c9 any time i want from now on or it’s time-bound promotion?

I know you may find these questions trivial, but i’ll be grateful if you spend a minute to reply.

ThX, PeAcE


  1. Just move the Cubase 8.5 to the trash bin.

  2. You can download any time, it’s not time-limited. At the other hand, you can download the activation already, and keep using older Cubase version. Then you already have the license, and you can install Cubase 9 later, and start to use it without the activation (it would be activated yet).

Thanks very much Martin for comprehensive reply, all clear now :smiley:

I’d like to piggyback on this question. I still have Cubase 7.5, Cubase 8, and Cubase 8.5 on my system and just installed Cubase 9. I haven’t launched it yet so haven’t been through the activation process. I want to remove Cubase 7.5 and Cubase 8 but keep Cubase 8.5 for a while (until Steinberg and Izotope get their compatibility issues solved in Cubase 9) … so can I just use the normal Windows uninstall process to do away with Cubase 7.5 and Cubase 8? I also have older version of Wavelab I’d like to uninstall to recover some badly needed space on my C drive … I assume that would be safe as well? In other words, uninstalling the older versions does not remove elements that the newer installation requires in order to operate properly? This sounds like such a simple problem but I’m reluctant to just assume that it will all work without at least getting some verification that it should. Thanks in advance.