Removing or hiding barlines

I’d like to format the score in the image without any bar lines, and without displaying rests in the empty spaces but preserving the horizontal alignment of the intervals.
Is there a way to do this?
At present, if I delete bar lines in the second line, implicit rests are displayed and the horizontal alignment shifts.


Set default barlines to dashed, then set the dash lenght to zero.
Put a System break at the start of 2nd line, and set that and the frame break at the start to Wait for next system break (properties)
In Layout options:

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Welcome to the forum @DWR-keys ! If you’re wanting to keep the 2 systems aligned because the 2nd system is an alternative to the first, and you have Dorico Pro, you could instead add an extra staff below the 1st, either across the system or just for the bars with an alternative description. This would have barlines connecting them by default but the barline/bracketing tools in Engrave mode would allow you to change that.

If all the music that needs to stay aligned is then in the same system, it becomes much easier to control that with or without barlines, using note spacing if required and (maybe for the 2nd example) increasing the threshold at which systems justify fully horizontally, so you don’t need the extra empty bars at the end to pad the gap?

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Thank you so much for your support.
Simply doing the steps in your first line has produced the desired result.
Following your hint I did change the default options for the first bar of systems after the first and the end of flow.
(I don’t need perfect alignment; just enough to make the relationships across all four staves clear.)

I will check out the Wait for next system break option. At the moment I’m working on various teaching/study aids for chord symbols and chord progressions.

Again, many thanks.

Many thanks.
From your suggestion it seems that my best solution might be to make all four staves separate parts in the score, since I need to show the relationships between the 1st and second octaves.
I’ll experiment with this.

I tried creating the whole page with each of the four lines in a different part.
In this method removing barlines resulted in Dorico adding implicit rests, because the option to show rests in empty bars doesn’t apply. (The lengthened bar has notes in it.)
So I still needed to keep the barlines and hide them using the method recommended by fratveno.

The four part presentation has the best note alignment but has a system barline at the start of the system.
Is there a way to hide that, or at least remove the joins between the staves?

Presenting this in two systems systems seems to be the best way so far but there remains some misalignment between notes in the first and second systems.

This result is good enough for my purpose. The 4-part presentation would also need a way to increase the separation between the 2nd and 3rd staves. Is that possible?


Hi David, do you have Dorico Pro? If so, the easiest solution would be to manually respace the staves in Engrave mode, staff spacing tool.

If you’re using Elements or SE, you can try fiddling with the values in Layout Options—Vertical Spacing—Ideal Gaps.

Yes, I do have Droico Pro, and I’ll look into that.
So far I’ve been using the ideal gap settings.

BTW, I’ve recently been using your MusAnalysis font. A godsend at the time when one of my piano students professed an interest in learning about chord progressions!


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The easiest is probably to use 4 identical flows starting on the same page…

To all of you who replied,

Thank you for all your helpful input.
I have tried all of your suggestions and now used them in several charts.
The learning experience has certainly increased my Dorico knowledge.