Removing projects from the list in the Hub

Can we please have a “clear all” function added?
Thanks :pray:t2:


That would be great. Big pain when you are working with many projects. Even make a delete key work. Something to speed up the process.


Or an option to limit it to 10 projects. Get’s pretty messy.

Yes, a clear all button, limit to 10 or some number, even the ability to remove multiple projects by highlight the first one and shift-click to the last one and then delete. I just spend time every day clearing out the list.

Personally I wouldn’t like a limit. :slight_smile:

Clearly, the Hub’s Recent panel could stand a functionality upgrade.

Besides the clear all and entry limit options (as mentioned above), I think it would benefit with a simple text finder, the ability to non-consecutively select and delete, a creation date next to each entry, as well as the ability to rearrange the order of the list along with a first/last reset.

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Still the same in Cubase 12.