Removing rests without beamsplitting

When I want to remover rests in interlocking octaves using alternately right and left hand in piano, then the beams of the 16th notes are split by Dorico. So I have to do quite some extra work to beam them together again.
Is there a way to remove the rests so that the beams stay connected? That saves time and would be logical in my point of view.

First I have this with rests:

Then I remove the rests I get this result, Dorico split all beams:

After removing the rests I need to beam again together the 16th notes in quarter note groupings to get back the first result, but without the rests:

I’m not sure there is - I just tried inputting both parts on the upper staff (in 2 voices, one up-stem and the other down-stem) then crossing only the few notes on the bass staff down, but removing rests still splits the beams. There’s a logic to both approaches I guess.

I believe you can assign a key command for beaming notes together in Preferences, which might speed up the post-rest-removal process. If you input both parts on the same staff, I think you end up with a few fewer rests towards the end of the bar on the lower staff, in case that also removes a few steps as well.

Thanks for your reply. Yes I did assign a key command for both beaming together and splitting beams as well. But still it is a bit of extra work. Wjat would be more logical is to keep the beaming as if the rests are still there, then it is easy to select all and split beams for those who wish that. It is only one action. But beaming together neeeds to be in the right groups, so beaming all at once together doesn’t do the job.