Removing split on all lanes with Comp Tool

I’ve been playing with the comp tool in Cubase 11, and it seems to work similarly to the Logic Quick Swipe tool.

If I select a range it creates two splits across all lanes, and then it’s easy to slide either of those splits. All good.

But what if I want to remove one of those splits across all lanes, how do I do this?

thanks for any help.

So the only work around I have discovered to remove a split across all lanes is to use the glue tool, and click on each Lane’s event before the split. So if I have 10 lanes, I have to click 10 times. I assume there must be a more efficient way to do this, as the Comp tool works across all lanes.

If I have a lot of Lanes where I want to get rid of the split, I often find this pretty quick

  1. Select and Delete all the Events adjacent to the Split on the Left
  2. Select all the Events adjacent to the Split on the Right
  3. Drag the lower left corner to lengthen the Events on the front end

But using the Glue Tool on the Track should work on all the Lanes.

Thanks @raino,

Seems like we have both found work arounds that take a bit of effort. It would be nice if the developers added a key modifier to the comp tool that deletes the split across all lanes, when you simply click on the split.