Removing Tracks on a "New Version"

Slightly dumb question, because I’m pretty sure the whole point of the multi-version capability is this…but I need to make sure that:

  • If I remove/delete tracks and events on one version of a project that they will still be there on another? (there is no mention of this in the manual)
  • Is there any kind of processing or file managing that would effect all versions?
  • Is it better to remove tracks and events from an older or newer version?

Just want to be certain. Thanks. I’ll be back soon with a headier question : )

Hi. Not a dumn question.

You can safely delete tracks in one project without deleting it in another. However, be careful not to delete any audio on those tracks in the pool, because they will be also deleted from other projects. Also, if you unfreeze tracks in one project, be careful not to delete the freeze files as other projects may need them. Think like this. If one project some audio in the pool, so may another project, so be careful what you delete!!