Removing unused media. SOLVED

Hi, I’ve consolidated all my WAV tracks and removed unused media yet when I go to the audio folder within my project folder all the bits and pieces that made up the WAV tracks are still there… :confused: is this right :question:

this makes it very difficult when it comes to importing the tracks into another DAW, instead of looking at 20 or so tracks I’m looking at 60 (or more) bits and pieces…in the import window of the other DAW…

anyone know why the parts that made up a WAV file are still there please?
I’ve archived the pool also…

cheers, kevin

Remove unused media only moves it to the trash in the pool. If you want to delete it you have to “Empty the Trash” in the pool.

Hi, yeah…i did that also, but the (now unused stuff) is still there, sorry I didn’t mention it in my post…thanks for the reply… :slight_smile:

When you say you’ve “Consolidated all my WAV tracks and removed unused media”, how exactly did you you do this?

Just tried it myself and I’ve got single WAVs for each track and all the bits in the trash.
I glued bits in each track together, selected Audio/Bounce, clicked “Replace” when asked if I wanted to replace the events and then selected “Removed unused media” in the pool.

That’s excactly what I did, maybe there is a missunderstanding here, I’m talking about the audio folder within the project folder, why is the unused media still in that folder, is it supposed to be still there when I’ve removed unused media?
the pool is fine…unused media has gone…

you have to go to the pool press import, navigate to the audio folder select everything and import it into the project, an option will appear, keep pressing “re use” button untill all files are in your project now you can start the clearing out process,when done press save . there is a cubase tutorial think it`s called "file management "showing this i would check with that first to be on the safeside ,cause one wrong move and this part is unrecoverable.

just wanna be clear…so after I’ve consolidated my wav file and removed unused media to trash and emptied the trash, I have to re introduce all the unused media into the project in order to get rid of it?..i’m confused…I’ll check out the vid…
thanks for your reply… :slight_smile:

thanks my friend…was just looking for it… :slight_smile:

hi kevin i can`t find the video i was talking about, it was an official sx3 video .this video i have give you the link to does tell you how to do it but not as directly and in a precise manner as the sx3 video ,but if you can understand this video then good.

Hi, I’ve just followed the tut and it was ok, the unused media has gone from the folder …the bit I’m confused about is…I’ve already done, archive media, remove unused media…to trash, why on earth do i have to re import the media into the pool?
so is it a fact that removing unused media to trash and emtying the trash doesn’t actually do anything?
you have re import what you think you’ve just deleted in order to actually delete it!!!
I need to go and take a rest in a darkened room…

any further explanation of this would be awesome…

cheers. Kevin :slight_smile:

‘Back up project’ seems to be the easiest way because you get an option to remove unused media during the process… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

yes you can do that to be on the safe side ,but you will allways wonder what those extra files are in the original folder . and you are wasting more space

you have to erase the trash, if you just remove it from the pool it will still be in the audio folder , to totaly clear the audio folder of everything you need to re import all the audio folder back to the pool then remove unused media then empty trash (erase), a bit like a stock taking exercise.Going back a bit in the procedure i normally bounce joined up bits of audio at the end of a session and create a new file then dump the joined up bits files . also look up minimize files to totaly clear unwanted bits .
if you have been using the same audio folder for different projects thats an whole new problem .

I was thinking I could back up the project…thus removing the unused content, then delete the original project and copy the backup to where the original was…I think this is quicker and less complicated…specialy for an idiot like me…wadya think?
I always bounce the audio files…etc…etc…as you do…cept for the minimize bit, will take a look at that…
like I said.erasing the trash does not actually erase the files does it!! as you say, they’re still in the audio folder…or have i missed something?

cheers,. Kevin

you`re not listening , when you get the option to empty the trash you can either press “remove from pool” or"erase" erase will totaly wipe them from the hard drive.

I am listening mate… :slight_smile: when I press erase they do not disappear from the audio folder…really :slight_smile:
unless you mean the second time around…in which they do…i was talking about the first time i try to erase the stuff… :slight_smile:

hang on a tick…I’ve just tried it on another project and the first erase did erase them…so how come I had other projects where they never were erased?
I always remove the media and erase from the HD?
I do struggle with this stuff!! :unamused:

no ,dark room sounds good

You could just use the ‘backup project’ function which will consolidate any edited audio etc to a new location and then just delete the original project folder…

Just saying like… :wink:

Empty Trash only deletes files that are in the pool trash can. So, if you remove a file from the pool without deleting it, the pool no longer knows it exists and will not delete it on a later “Empty Trash” or “Remove Unused Media” command. So, if you remove a file from the pool without deleting it, the only way to delete it is to do it by hand in File Explorer or to REINTRODUCE it to the pool and go from there.
Does it make sense?

yeah, I mentioned this earlier, I reckon it’s the easiest way… :slight_smile: