Renaissance lute tab

I know that there are lute options in the player setup, but I am hoping that there will be continued work on the tablature to help those of us who work with renaissance music and tablature. The guitar tab is a real work of brilliance. It’s much better than anything in other programs I’ve used. But for lute there are some issues, all of which for the moment I can work around:

  1. Will there be an option for French and Italian tablature? French tab, which is very common for lute, uses letters to identify frets instead of numbers. In Italian, numbers are used for the frets, but the strings are upside down (low string on the top). I think I can set the tab for Italian by changing the notes of the strings in the editor.

  2. Lutes, no matter how many courses, only notate on 6 strings, with letters and slashes used below the tab to represent open bass courses (courses below the eight course are not stopped, and even the seventh and eighth courses are not usually stopped).

I’m not sure how tab was programmed, but these seem like they could be simple options. For Italian and even the number of courses, I can work around that, but I can’t find a way to change the left hand fingering to letters from numbers.

I hope you understand I love the new tab feature and am not complaining about it. I am just hoping that in the future the adjustments needed for those who work with early music. Thank you.


There is as yet no support for lute tablature. This is something we are planning to work on in the future, but we had to focus our attention squarely on the more modern forms of tablature for this release.

Thank you Daniel,
I understand and agree with the reasoning for the modern focus, I just wanted to be sure that earlier forms of tablature aren’t being overlooked. As I said, i believe I can work around a lot of this for now for my own use, it just makes it harder to work with publishers of this music. The tablature features are working great for the guitar work I’m working on now. I look forward to future additions.

Thanks again,

Not overlooked, just not yet implemented.

Thanks for this post, I also work with Lute tablature and have found the transfer in numbers is good but I am unable to add additional strings under neath. Plus all of the points raised by tmrolls is spot on. Including ease of use etc. Thanks for your continued work.