Rename audio clip - NOT the file

I record an audio track, then want to cut it into logical parts, e.g., verse 1, bridge, etc. and label the clips as such. BUT it appears that audio clips - unlike all other track types - use the file name, with no ability to individually name the clips. I supposed they could be turned into Parts, but Parts don’t behave the same way.

This day and age, who gives a flying fig about the file name? Sure, years ago when one had to manage disk space carefully, maybe, but this seems like a terribly archaic holdover. I just wanna think at the music level; I shouldn’t have to know or care (most of the time) what files Cubase is pulling from.

Or is there a feature or option I just need to enable, such that I can name individual clips?


In the Project’s window Info View, the very first field is called Description. Here you can rename your clip. This doesn’t rename the file.

You need the Description field I think, and that may be hidden in your Info line. So right click in the Info line and activate it. It turns up just to the right of the File field, which is the file name. You can hide the File field then if you’re not worried about the file name.


Thanks for this thread.

If anyone needs instructions:

  1. click the settings wheel thing up near top right of cubase screen but make sure its the one in the second line down, not the one where your GRID and BEAT etc settings are.
  2. go to SETUP and select DESCRIPTION and move it to the right to VISIBLE
  3. You should see FILE and DESCRIPTION next to each other.
  4. Edit the Description. Done.

Totally agree! It should be as easy as RENAME file directly on track or in the pool… sigh How hard can it be

Sorry, you must have misunderstood the question. This topic is about renaming audio events– not files, which is the topic in the other thread you’re posting in.

As stated above, to the OP, there are two choices, use the description field, or bounce the event to a file. (see manual if you need info on the terms file, event, part, clip.)