Rename Audio Clips? How?

I use Superior Drummer 2.0 to create basic drum tracks in Cubase 6. I can drag and drop loops from SP2 into Cubase. However, when I drag a drum loop from SP2 to Cubase it simply names the clip as ‘Superior Drums’. This is the title of my drum track. I don’t want that. Instead, I want the midi clip to have the name of the clip that I am pulling from SD2. Is this possible?

For example, I can sort through different options in SP2 for drum tracks. If you use SP2 or EZ drummer, you will know what I mean. I can sort though a list in a library called, “NY Avatar”. Then, I can select “NY: Volume 1”. Then, I can select “Straight 4/4”. Etc…

I was hoping that my midi track could include all of that information on it. That way, I can know exactly where it came from in SP2. If not, is there some sort of preference option in each clip that I can go in and rename the clip to match what I pulled from SP2?

If I am dragging lots of midi clips from SP2, I need to know where I got them from so I can keep a sane mind!


You can edit names of parts and files in the info line…
Maybe you want to turn the preference for ‘Part get track names’ off

Thanks! I’ll give it a try. This probably sounds dumb…but…

How do I edit the names in the info line? If I try and click on the clip, I can’t get it to open up a name to edit it.

IIRC there’s a button top left of the project window which displays a check-box dialog which allows you to turn the info line on and off.

Also, you can rename clips using the pool. Double click on the name. Ctrl-P to open the pool (usually).


I’m an “old skool” audio guy, since, like, the 70’s…so I always advocate using that little notepad feature and making really good notes about all of your tracks. You never know, when you come back to “remaster” that amazing album you did, like, 10yrs ago, you for sure won’t remember a thing about it. So, notes, notes, notes…

Awesome! Both methods work for me.

I will definitely use that advice while setting up fx and other things. Notes are always good!

When I dragged and dropped fron SD I got my part called either “Superior Drummer 1”, or it could be put on a new MIDI track, withthe part called “MIDI”. An empty track with the actual part name was also created.

I resorted to :
File> Preferences> MIDI> MIDI File> uncheck “Auto Disolve Format 0”

Now I can Drag +Drop to either the SD track where it arrives with it’s name already in place, or a new track, with both part and track named correctly. No need to rename them.

Works for me.

Hell yeah! This is what I was REALLY looking for, but I’m glad I learned the other techniques as well. THANKS!

Is there a way to edit the clip name directly on the clip? Just like F2 on windows if you want to rename a file.

It’s just slowing you down when you have to mouse to the info line up to the left corner everytime you rename a clip…

Also, going to the pool just to rename a file seems a heck of a process for a simple task in my opinion.

Does Steinberg have plan on adding this feature in a future update?

btw i’m on cubase 5.5.3 / windows 7

+1 for this as a feature request. I’ve been wanting this for years.


+1 Actually, yes, a shortcut key would be very useful.

Quite often I’m sifting a series of ad-libs (e.g. vocal scat, or guitar solo say). I rate them by editing the clip name and adding marks out of 5. Having a shortcut key would speed this operation quite up a lot.

Also having a clip rating system would help here too :slight_smile: