Rename Chord diagrams

Hi all

Is it possible to create or edit the names of chord diagrams? I can see how to add a variation - but I’d like to create some of my own. As far as I can see I can only add the variation of fingering, under the same name. So if for example I’ve created an A minor in root position with F in the bass, I’d like to save it as something different, otherwise it’ll be confusing if it’s next to another A minor diagram on a score.

Do you mean edit the chord symbol that appears above the chord diagram? You can edit that, of course, by using a different chord symbol, but when you replace the chord symbol you will also replace the chord diagram, and you’ll need to then use Shift+Alt+Q to choose your edited one from the possibilities again – assuming that the chord diagram you edited is valid for the new chord symbol, since the notes in the chord diagram need to match the notes described by the chord symbol.

Hi Daniel,

I mean the fretboard diagram: I know one can save a variation of a pre-exisisting chord, which as you state can then be re-selected later by Shift-Alt-Q showing all variations of that named chord. What I want to do is save a chord diagram with my own specific fingering, and re-name the chord so that it appears in the chord symbols, and can be selected by typing that new chord name from symbols. So that as in my example above, on a songsheet with a sequence running Am (with chord diagram) and Am with my F in the bass, the chord symbols can only be “Amin”. I want the player to be able to see immediately that the chord is different from the basic A minor. I do not want to spell this chord symbol as Fmaj7 for example, and typing F/Amin in the popup just gives me an F chord with open E & A, and the symbol is simply F/A, so not what I want. In this particular case I’d probably call the chord “F/Am”, and this would show up above the diagram, making it very clear to the player. In Guitar Pro one can save any amount of new chords and diagrams, and these get saved in the chord diagram library. This would be a great addition to Dorico.

You can save your own chord shapes, using Engrave > Chord Diagrams, but because it is a library of shapes, there is no direct correlation with a specific chord symbol. You cannot set the name that appears for each shape in that dialog at the moment, but that will be possible in the next update.

Thanks Daniel, I using Elements so that won’t work for me at the moment.