Rename events/parts

It would be useful to have a search/rename utility to change names of events or parts.

For example, I have 20 events called guitar, and I want to change them to Acoustic Guitar.

It could be a floating window or a option inside Pool or Project

You should take a look at the Project Logical Editor (PLE).

Dear Raino

Thanks for your reply and suggestion.

I know PLE, I use it a lot, mainly inside macros. PLE is a powerful tool.

Indeed, nowadays I am using PLE to rename events, but I propose to increase functionality.

In my first post, the explanation is not good.

What I suggest is to offer users a new window fully focused to make changes in names. That means to add counters at beginning or endings of names, change just a part of the name, etc.

I mean to have a powerful rename functions in one window. There a re a lot of rename apps to modify names in cascade for folders or files that works fine, that Cubase can use as inspiration.

So, in summary,what I suggest is to make a powerful tool to change names in project&pool.

Another option is to increase the options for renaming inside PLE.