rename files on track

how to rename all the files on the track by the name of this track

example: track name: stone. all different files on track rename on: stone1,stone2,stote3 etc


Project Logical editor?


Without knowing exactly how things are laid out in your session but assuming you want to export lots of different files you could:

  • Select all events on the track and bounce selection (creating a single file).
  • Use detect silence to split these all into individual events of the same single file.
  • Select all events and choose “Audio → Advanced → Event or Range as region” and you choose your naming sequence here.
  • Go into your pool and now you’ll notice that there are a lot of regions associated with that single file. Select them all and choose “Bounce Selection”. You’ll be prompted for a directory to store all the new exported files which will have the naming sequence you want.

You can also name all events on the track with the name of the track by using shift + enter when committing the track name.

You can also select all the events in question,
hit Ctrol-F “Find selected in pool”
right click and select “edit-rename objects”
you can add a prefix or appendix name.

What I do when recording several rhythm section cuts is place generic name on the tracks (kick, snare, OH, etc)
then when the session is done, I select all events for cut #1, select in pool, rename objects, and add the client or project name and the cut# to the prefix field, hit enter and it renames all files you selected.

there are several ways to rename, fewer to batch rename.
I have heard that the project logical editor will work for this (I think there may be a factory preset for renaming)
I have not had the greatest success with getting the project logical editor to work for me for the things I want it to do.

Good luck,

Fredo, I did not find a convenient preset in a logical editor that would perform the required function

Brian, this method will rename events, but retains the original name. Given that the original material was made as OMF in the Premiere (dialogues from location to film), then this is not the most effective method. Ultimately, the files have the name of a STONE (3452a46f4f9-aab4-4ce0-83f8-4e584fbe9768.3697-02) etc…

shift + enter only changes the name of events and does not affect the physical file naming
but! I used the function of Bounce Selection earlier (in ver 5,6) and then detect silence, as you suggest. This method really worked! but in version 7and 8 Bounce Selection takes the name of the first highlighted event (and also takes its mono-stereo format) and then calls the general file name of the first event. Also, if in the stereo track the first file is mono (this happens in projects for 5.1 or more channels), then Bounce Selection does all other files in mono as well.

will there be more suggestions?
PS: I want to note that the project is preparing for rerec and has a number of tracks more than 700 and I would like to have a simpler working solution

I would like to have in the future in a Render in Place function of renaming events by the name of the track

thx all

I’m sorry that I can’t help you on another workaround or solution, I rename the objects by renaming their files’ names in the Pool, and then batch rename them in a tracks’ name, with a sequential number (or so).

What I wanted to say:
I find it also very annoying that renaming an OMF’s -typical- object names don’t rename the files’ names…Or the other way around; renaming the files’ names don’t rename the objects’ names…There are a lot of omissions of this kind showing up in Nuendo the last couple of months and I hope Steinberg has the manpower to solve them in the near future?

Yes, of course. Original names & metadata should always be preserved.
Otherwise you lose any reference.
Unless I misunderstand you …

Am I missing something?
We have a render-in-place function.


As Fredo mentions you already have a render in place function, and you also have precisely what you need when you use File / Export / Selected Events. In the dialogue there’s a naming scheme where you can specify the track name and a counter, for example.

Yes, but Export - Selected Events does not leave renamed events on tracks
Render in Place function does not have a scheme selection as Selected Events window

Fredo, sorry for my bad engligh
need to add scheme option in Render in Place as Selected Events window to solve the problem

I did not find another solution
thanks to all

True. Might be worth a feature request. As a workaround you could use Export Audio Mixdown with cycle markers instead.

I used to be able to rename the track and then bounce the files so they all start on bar 1 beat 1. The new name would appear and then I could send selected tracks to a new folder for export to another producer who would be using another DAW. OMF and AAF have been glitchy and this was the best way to do it. NOW with Nuendo 8 we have to find the track in the pool and rename it there. This is a major step backwards

You can still rename in the info line right?

I see whats happening now. The file showing on the project is labelled with all the history now and the export goes to a new media folder properly labelled
This is good!