Rename of clips with maker descriptions


I have hundreds of audio clips on a track and each starts with a maker description about the clip. it possible with a KC rename clips with the marker descriptions?

If it is even possible the Project Logical Editor would likely be the mechanism. But I can’t think of any specifics and doubt that it can be done. A key limitation is that the PLE & LE don’t have any mechanism to assign and use variables.

Yes. I wish we could choose our own variable(s) in LE.

If Steinberg redesign LE so that we can add our variable, it will be huge. Just like the invention of Algebra by adding variable to arithmetic.

Arithmetic> , being the most basic of all branches of mathematics, deals with the basic computation of > numbers > by using operations like addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction. On the other hand, > Algebra > uses > numbers and variables > for solving problems.