Rename part possible only via info line?

Trying to speed up my workflow with Cubase 10…using more key commands etc.

Is there any other way to rename parts other than have to click the info line?
Tried to find a key command and even with project logical editor but no luck…

With Logic you just press Shift N to rename a part

I know this is not exactly what you want but a few things worth noting:

  • For renaming ALL parts you can highlight the track name and hold CTRL while hitting Enter.
  • Also look at Preferences\Editing and “Parts Get Track Names”

…and one more way to do it,which does not require selecting the Info Line with a mouse click:

With a part selected invoke the command Edit Info Line. The name of the part will be selected for editing in the Info Line.

There’s no default keystroke for that command, so you’ll have to choose one.

I tried this before anyway to rename for multiple sliced stems on track

…and works great

Thank you

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Oh oops! Yes. I guess this fall into the category of bad day! :face_with_thermometer:

I’ll edit that post.

:laughing: :rofl: all good done the same…

Yes I know already about this one

Thanks man,

I’m not sure I understand how to do this…
Could you walk me through the steps?

OK, got it :slight_smile:

Thanks again!!!

you can use the Browser.
Go → Project->Browser
in the left column(Project structure) choose the Trackname → click +sign and choose TrackData
in the right columns you see all parts of that track listed, if you select “name” you can type in a name and scroll up and down while the item(name, start/end etc.) stays selected/highlighted. R

I tried this now, but it seems to require too many commands if I’m not missing anything here…Even if I use a key command to open the browser, I still then have to click the part to rename it?
Right now Steves solution seem the fastest as I assigned a key command to open “rename in info line”. So one button press only for this :slight_smile:

Ok, I guess the only advantage is that you have a list taht you can scroll through while still keeping the selection, which can work for you ornet especially if you have a lot of parts >30
If you do it in the info line the cursor is kind of stuck in the info line.
…but of course , whatever works is good Cheers R