"Rename Player" not showing in full score player labels

Not sure what’s going on here. It only happens for one player. I have named this player “Percussion 2” with a short name of “Perc. 2” The other two percussion players are named in the same way and they both work just fine.

This happens throughout the entire score. Making a new player and moving the instruments to them doesn’t fix it. The only thing I haven’t tried is making a new player, putting new instruments in their hands, and copying the music to the new player. But that sounds like an awful time that might not lead to results. Any thoughts?

Here’s the project:
Reduced file for forum.dorico (1023.8 KB)

I’m not entirely sure why it’s not working, but when it comes to trying a new player, you don’t have to copy manually: just add a new single player, don’t give them any instruments (so they’re empty-handed), then just drag the existing instruments over to the new player. All their music will come with them.

Edit: which seems to work (provided you tick the layout option to use their player name rather than instrument name in staff labels).

I tried that and the problem is still there. :person_shrugging:

Did you re-check the layout option to use the new player’s player name in staff labels? It won’t be ticked by default.

Ok, so that works. Let me try in my original score and I’ll report back

Well I’m glad there was a solution after all. Still wondering why it happened in the first place!