Rename Trackversions via PLE

I use track versions a lot for live recording in the studio of string sections etc.
A folder track with a bunch of channels grouped together works well for this, and I use trackversions for multiple takes.
However, renaming is a pain - I can’t do it during recording for fear of jumping out of record, the window width is too small to make the names anything meaningful, and in true SB fashion the window is also not scaleable vertically. :blush:

It is in dire need of an upgrade - use the right pane for an additional track version window that can be scaled horizontally (and vertically), showing more of the names, and for the love of god make them re-namable using the PLE.
This way, one can quickly create names and append characters (like a number of stars for the quality of the take) using PLE presets, which would be super fast.

Would a dedicated function even suffice for you, such as, “Rename Current Track Version” with a pop-up rename window?

That already exists in the ‘rename Track Version’ command, which pops up a dialog.
I’ve made a meta grid function that pops in names there, but it’s clunky - not something I’d like to be fiddling with during a recording session where every minute counts.

PLE renaming already exists for other items, such as tracks and events, so it really seems logical to extend this to track versions.