Renamed Part have two names

I recorded some audio tracks. After recording I rename them. It can be done in two ways - in Pool window by renaming wav file and in Project window by renaming recorded part. In both ways I’ve get a name like “Old name (New name)”, where Old name is Track name + “_01” (ir first take).

On the disk and in Pool window I see all is okay with naming. Files have the name I gave after recording. But in Project window there is a double name.

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Please read the documentation on the “Info Line”

Is somewhere in documentation written that recorded part (event) always will have the name it was named when recorded?

Do you mean “Renaming Events” on page 195 of Cubase_Pro_Artist_9_5_Operational_Manual_en.pdf? I’ve tried both ways described there. Second one simply removes ‘_01’ at the end of old name. And this old name is the same as track name.

It’s the part name, then (the filename).

No, it is the track name, then (file name).

If I want that recorded audio event have only the name it should be identified everywhere it will be moved (to any track), I must edit track name - erase the letters in it, then press Ctrl+Enter - this will remove track name from recorded event and now the name is filename I name it after recording. Then I can rename track back to his name it was before this operation.

Almost perfect solution!

For what purpose Event, if moved to another track, have the original track name as part of name?

Okay, if it is not issue, then move this thread to General subforum, please.

-steve-, I think it should be in Issues subforum. I just test it in 9.0 version and there it is correct as it should be.
But in 9.5 it goes wrong:

  1. Create new project.
  2. Add Instrument track, select any plugin, any instrument. By default track name is the Instrument name you choose ending with the number, lets say it is “Hypnotic Dance 01”.
  3. Record some notes like do-re-mi. Can play longer for your muse.
  4. Select recorded part. It have the same name as track, lets rename it to “Dance Bass”.
  5. Click Edit -> Render In Place -> Render. It creates new audio track named “Hypnotic Dance 01 ®” - here ® is a mark to show it was rendered. But rendered part or audio event have the same name as it was for event we renamed to “Dance Bass”. It is okay, because anyway it should be renamed to understand what is where and for what.
  6. Now rename that rendered audio event. Lets name it “Rendered Bass”. What you’ve get? Right! It now have name “Dance Bass (Rendered Bass”), but should be simple “Rendered Bass” as it is in version 9.0. In Pool window there is an audio file named as we need - Rendered Bass, so on disk we have file named as it should be.

Yes, Ctrl+Enter work, but to have event named diferent than track, I need to rename track twice - first I must clear all letters from track name, then press Ctrl+Enter - it removes the first part of event name too -, then rename it in name it was before and press simple Enter. I don’t agree that this could be normal workflow :smiley:

So, -steve-, what it is if not Issue? As programmer I understand that completely rewritted Cubase needs some time to become stable DAW. But lets do this together! I will write my observations, but you will not give me warnings, okay?! You are mod and can move posts to where they should be without giving me warnings. I feel this DAW as best in a world, but some of you (exactly you) serves self as gods. And it destroys this good feeling to be here in community of talented people. I like to be here.

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I can’t say I completely follow what you’re saying, but it seems the crux of it is: Audio events in the project display the filename and the event name, but you want only the file name displayed.

If you’re renaming in the info line, you can rename the file, then hit [tab], then [delete]. You will have deleted the description string, and now the event has only one name. (ctrl-enter renaming the track only modifies the description, not the file name, of course.)

I understood it without your last explanation here. The question is - why we need two names? And why this setting is by default if in 9.0 version it was right and good?

Why this is not switchable in preferences? Is there at least ten musicians who was working with 9.0 version and they cannot work without two names and requested double naming for audio events? I don’t understand something. Please explain, why there are such inventions without any background of needs. (IMHO, of course) :slight_smile:

I can’t say I completely follow what you’re saying

Excuse me, I’m latvian and never learned English :wink:
My knowledge of English is coming from tutorials. I’m programmer and composer.

No worries about your English, which is fine, if a bit verbose. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: . Bravo.

I don’t recall how that feature evolved, but I imagine the devs tried to please people who wanted to be able to name events, and simultaneously please those who wanted to have the filename displayed only. Or vice-versa. :wink:

The result of course is that everybody is slightly annoyed. :laughing: I don’t know why it’s not a pref, why don’t you propose it?

Personally I do find it useful to have both, e.g., in sound design when using different portions of the same file. Also, it used to be possible to edit the name right on the event itself. That was 2004, I think.

Hmm, yes, from this point I agree :slight_smile:
Then it would be nice to have some settings in Preferences.

But, Steve, maybe it would have been better if I was pointed to switch on Description field in info line :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I have 19 inch monitor and not all visual features have switched on. Someday I will try attach TV, it is 4 times bigger.

Okay, now I can rename Event. But it would be better to have preferences - what really should be on event bar.
Event name
File name
File/event created date&time
Maybe some needs another information to show on event bar.
Maybe devs can use the same feature for naming as it is in Render window? It would be great. -> [ Event Name] - [ Filename ] - [ DateTime Created ] - [ DateTime Modified ] and so on. Yeah! Eureka! :slight_smile:

For now it is impossible to show only Event name if filename is different. So naming feature would be nice.

I think these preferences would be better to have in Project setup, not in Cubase Preferences. Why? Because I feel that recording session needs some specific settings different from composing session and I work with both simultaneously. But this is what I see while not doing. Just idea.

Conclusion: Event name is called Description - therefore I missunderstood the rules and did not think about changing Description.

Thank you for your patience :wink:

This is driving me up the wall. It’s not logic and rather confusing. A file name is a file name nothing more nothing less.

Yeah, nikbeat! It’s like playing violin with hands swapped :wink: