Renaming Audio Events in Cubase

So, I have mostly worked in cubase for midi purposes and Pro Tools for audio.

I am taking a swing at it in Cubase now, so that way I am not constantly hopping between the two, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to rename audio events. I keep getting an error stating it cannot renaming the audio file.

I am doing some heavy processing, so I want to be able to work on each item independently of the others, so that I can use any version of the audio. How do I do this, I have not been able to find the page in the manual that deals with this.

I am assuming that this is done by creating regions within the snippet in the Sample Editor/Pool Browser?

It’s a bit flaky at times, but you need to use the “info line” in the project window. (Skip to step 3 if you have the project window info line actively in use)

  1. Turn on the info line (if necessary). It’s a full-width band that appears above the tracks and beneath tool button bar at the top of the project window. It can be activated by using the “setup window layout” button, which is the 2nd button on the button bar. Looks kinda like |=, and pops up a rectangular zone with check boxes when you click on it.
  2. The info line may be black/blank, especially if no event is selected. Select some event. It’s more predictable to start with the one you don’t want to change. Now you should see information about the event: name | start | end | length | offset | mute | lock … and possible more, in the case of instrument tracks.
  3. Select the event you want to rename.
  4. Click on the name where it appears on the info line – within the name box. The text should go from grey on black to white on blue, with a text cursor at the end.
  5. Edit the name, hit enter when done.

and there you go.

I have tried that. I keep getting an error stating the the audio file cannot be renamed.

It will only let me do this when I have made a new range selection in the sample editor, and then pull said sample from the pool menu… Seems a bit odd that such a simple concept would not be directly in Cubase?

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You’re not the only one, and this issue is years old and spans multiple versions.