Renaming audio lanes.

Is there a way to give audio lanes different names without renaming the whole audio recording?

Hope I’m clear.


You mean not tracks, but files, right?

You can rename all regions (used and unused files) in the Browser Project Window (you can find it here: Project > Browser). In the Name column, you can change it.

Is it, what you mean?


Thanks Martin but it’s not what I mean.
I record a guitar solo in stacked mode, then I select with the comping tool which parts I like and bounce audio to get it in a whole and then I give it a color.
But I often have several other bounced ones which I like that I give a different color to keep sight on things.

What I’d like to do is give each bounced one (in the same part) a different name, let’s say Best - Better - Good to make things clear to my fellow musicians.
But when I rename a lane all the audio of that file gets the new name which seems logical but I wondered if there was a way to get around that.