renaming audio parts to track names

When I rename audio parts to the names I’ve given my audio tracks, the full name of the audio track that i imported is added as a suffix.

For instance, if the track that I imported was called “LSA_Kit_03_125_BPM_Conga_Groove” and I rename the track “conga groove” the track is now renamed “conga groove (LSA_Kit_03_125_BPM_Conga_Groove)”.

Is there a way to rename audio parts to mimic the track names exactly? In other words i would like the part to also just be named “conga groove” to imitate the track name.

I am slightly confused by your post but…

Here’s what I do…

If I import a audio file named “A” to a audio track named “B”. After import I click on the audio and change the name to “B” in the info line (or you could do this in the project pool). The audio track name stays as “B” but, if it didn’t for some reason, I would just click on the track name and change it back to “B”.

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Type the new name in the track. Press Shift + Enter you should see the audio part renamed the same as the track.

Anyone know if there is any way to batch select everything and have all thh audio parts rename themselves to their track names?

I tried to change clip name in info line and says cannot be changed hmmm?

Audio samples are clips, these reside in parts, there can be multiple parts on a track
Tracks and parts can be named, clips cant’t

Does nuendo allow clip names?

Cubendo hierarchy for working with audio in a project:

Samples > Events > Parts

Samples: a direct representation of the audio file
Events: what you see when you import/drag a sample into the project window
Parts: containers for one or more audio “Events”

If you want to rename the files themselves, you can do it inside the audio pool or, once you have the tracks named the way you want, select all the audio events and bounce (and replace) them

One short update to Adam.

You have to select and properly name the event and click on Audio → “Bounce Selection”. Then an Dialog appears which asks “Replace events” → Replace and voila. The audio file itself (as highlighted in the pool) is also renamed.
I made dedicated a hotkey for it (e.g. shift + control B for (bounce selection)).

I use this feature all the time.
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Great idea, thanks!

Something else I found out - to automatically rename audio events to the track name one should also select the option “Part Gets Track Name” in the “Editing” panel on the very top of the preference panel. After that “bounce selection” should rename all audio events to the track name automatically.