Renaming Mixer Tracks

When I insert a kontakt instrument and create midi tracks, faders are created in the mixer window. A midi fader and an instrument fader. When I rename the midi track in the sequencer window, the midi fader also gets renamed but not the instrument fader. Why not and how can I get the fader to auto name? Noticed in the pictures, how the midi faders are renamed to Violin 1 & violin 2 but the instrument faders have kept their original name Kt. st.2 & Kt st.3. Thank you

I am on a PC / Windows 10

They are separate tracks so you need to rename both.

Is there any type of shortcut or a faster way of renaming?

in project window you can select the first track rename it and after that you press TAB and not ENTER
that get’s you instantly to the next channel and already selects the old label for instant override

Oh great. Thank you so much