Renaming of audio events

Renaming an audiofile from arrangement is simply, press CMD-Enter with given name.
But the event won’t change correctly.
If you record something on a track named “Audio 1” the recorded filename is e.g. audio 01_01.wav, it’s displayed in the event too. Fine.
Rename the file in the Pool or in the arrangement as described above results in a more cryptical event name like “Audio 1_11 (Guitar 1)”.

I never interested in the old name of the file.
Screenshot at Jan. 17 07-11-23.png


On my system the naming is exactly the opposite. So the name of the Track is ahead of the brackets, and the name of the original Audio file is in the brackets.

Could you please write step by step your repro? You created an Audio track with name Audio_01. You recorded the Audio Event. The Audio Event got name Audio_01. You renamed the track (Guitar L) and hit Cmd+Enter to rename even the Audio Event. The new Audio event name is Guitar L (Audio_01). Or am I wrong?

Argh! Renaming the TRACK with Cmd-Enter did the trick!
I rename the EVENT on the upper left input field.