Renaming of Player Groups - Feature Request

Perhaps there is a better way, so I will put down my workflow to ask for suggestions… but before doing that, I would like to request that in future versions of Dorico, one could rename player groups. The issue I am running into is in a score that has 4 flows, I accidentally entered the 4th flow first, unaware of the order. Due to the number of players sharing instruments, not needing player numbers, etc. I had to create 4 player groups to keep all of the score and parts consistent. I have moved the groups in the correct order in the players panel, but now I am having to remember which group goes to which flow. Instead of seeing “Group 3” it would be nice to rename this (for house keeping purposes only) “Flow 1”.

Here is the background to why I am doing this workflow (The 4 flows are somewhat unrelated to each other, except part of a collection of individual percussion ensembles):

For this publisher (and my own personal opinion as well) there is some degree of “score order” when it comes to percussion instruments. Metals at the top (Bells/Glockenspiel, chimes vibes), followed by the woods (Xylophone, Marimbas, etc.), followed by the unpitched percussion instruments and drum kits in an order that make sense.

FLow 2,3,4 have 2 marimba players, Flow 1 has a single marimba player. Flow 1 shouldn’t say Marimba 1 in the score when there is only 1 marimba player. Flow 2,3,4 should say Marimba 1/Marimba 2 since there are 2 players. So I have to create a group with the single Marimba player for flow 1, so the score doesn’t show Marimba 1. Now for flow 2, I need to marimbas (discussed above), but I also need a glockenspiel player (in all 4 flows), I cannot reuse the glock player from flow 1, as it now puts the score out of order. Along with other idiosyncrasies that fall under similar works arounds.

So now I have 4 player groups (one for each flow), and it is getting to be a little bit of a house-keeping headache, in the layouts panel, as I have to select the layout, see what group they are in, and then remove the unnecessary flows from that layout.

I hope that paints a picture, and makes some sense.


Another thought would be some house-keeping help in the layouts panel too. Perhaps a way to group layouts according to some convention to see things at a glance quickly?


Hi Robby, you should already be able to rename player groups - just double-click the name, and it should become a “value field” just like a player name, where you can delete/edit/add text. Is this not working for you?

Here is what I think is happening… I ask about something I cannot get to work. Lillie responds with an obvious answer. And upon doing what she asks me to do (after the 10th time of doing it and it not working for me), it works.

I swear I double clicked the names, I right clicked, I did everything and it didn’t work (or perhaps the field is harder to see as I get older that when I did double click I didn’t notice the slight change?).

As usual Lillie, you are correct and I can do what I need.

Thank you so much.


Fabulous, glad it’s working! And that you can now organise your groups more easily.