Renaming percussion


I’ve created a second percussion kit and assigned some instruments to it (for some reason importing the original kit I exported didn’t do anything. Bug?).

The new kit has some of the same elements of the original kit and so the names have now changed to Large gong 1 and 2, bass drum 1 and 2 etc. Is it possible to remove the numbers since the bass drum the two players will be playing is the same one and seeing the numbers every time I show a perc legend is potentially confusing.

Welcome to the forum, Sonofjahn. If you want to have multiple players holding the same percussion kit in the same project, the quickest way to do that is to right-click the existing player with the kit and choose Duplicate Player from the context menu. You should also find that you can import a kit to another player with no problems – if this doesn’t work, do make sure you are running the latest Dorico 3.0.10 update.

If you want the kits to be independently numbered, create two player groups in the Players panel in Setup mode and assign each percussionist to his or her own group. Players within a group are numbered independently.

Downloading 3.0.10 now.

When I duplicate the player the whole kit still gets a number so that when I add “legend for sounding instruments” it now says snare 1 or snare 2. I’d like it just to say snare. Is this possible?

Did you put each player in its own group?

I haven’t assigned groups

Gotcha - by putting them in their own groups the numbers have disappeared. Thanks. I haven’t looked at groups before.