Renaming Plugins with Integrated Mixer does not work

VCS-1 from Fuse Audio Labs gets really weird naming on Dorico 4.
I tried to change the name and I cant. You can rename this plugin in other DAWs.
CLA MixHub also gets weird naming.
I talked to Raimund Dratwa the developer from Fuse Audio Labs and said that maybe integrating an API should solve the naming problem.

VST3’s setChannelContextInfos() API

In the picture, you can see that there’s no relation between the names on the Mixer and what is shown on the VCS-1 channel strip.

I’m sorry, @Azu, but I’m not quite following the description of the problem you’re providing here. Can you say a bit more about where you’re inserting VCS-1, what you’re expecting to route to it, and what you are expecting the names to be in the VCS-1 interface?

Thanks @dspreadbury !

Sure. I’m inserting it on the first slot of each track and routed following the Dorico mixer route.
In the picture you can see the main mixer of VCS-1 and on the bottom there are the names of the Dorico Mixer.
It would be great to have those names transferred to the plugin.

But the weird thing is that in every DAW VCS-1 allows to click and change the name, it is not possible in Dorico.

So you can instantiate VCS-1 as an insert in multiple channels, but you will see just a single instance with each strip corresponding to the output on which it is inserted?

Yes, it’s Mixer View, a feature of this channels trip.
Waves CLA MixHub also has Mixer View and auto naming. Console 1 has auto naming.
The biggest issue is that I can’t rename them and the names that Dorico “tells” to the plugin are not the ones from the Instrument/Player.

Well, the names that Dorico shows for the outputs in its own Mixer are not really their names in the sense that we are generating those names based on how we think the routing is set up, but for any plug-in other than the default HALion Sonic SE we don’t actually know what the routing is and therefore which output is actually connected to which instrument. We don’t at the moment have any means of providing these names via the VST interface.