Renaming project folders/project default folder name issue

I’ve got the default new project folder name set to “untitled” as per factory settings, so whenever I create new projects they’ll stack up with the “untitled-XX” number scheme. The problem I’m having is that when I finally decide on a name for the song and rename the folder, cubase of course still thinks to look inside the folder that had the original name for the audio files. If there isn’t a folder with the original name then it finds the audio files in the folder with the new name as expected; but if there is (meaning I’ve made a new “scratch” project with the same “untitled-XX” name that this folder originally had) then it will attempt to connect the audio used in this project with the wrong audio files in that other folder, causing a pretty nasty crash to the audio engine.

Does anybody have a good way of dealing with this? I can obviously get around it by just appending the “untitled-XX” folder that’s conflicting with something so cubase ignores it and then save the project so it knows not to look there anymore, but I would have to do that with all versions I have saved of that project if I want to potentially go back to them without causing a crash. I’ve tried looking around but I haven’t seen any way to “correct” the files in the pool that think they’re external to the ones in the actual audio folder.

the way I prefer to start a new project is to select “prompt for project location” and then create an empty folder for that project

if you want to get as many files as you can from audio in a separate folder from your existing projects you should use the “File → Backup Project” option

I repeat myself…
you can find valuable information in the online manual

You either misunderstood what my post was about, or didn’t bother to actually read it. Neither archiving nor the “back up project” features are a solution to the problem I’m having.

the whole chapter is about project handling…

a proper handling of projects and folders would generally save time and work

I know, it’s just a rather odd issue, not something they really mention in the manual or anything. My OP was just to ask if anyone knows any existing ways to circumvent the weird reaction cubase has to that particular situation, since it’s not like it’s a bug or anything. I know best practices for folder management, and used to just use the prompt for folder location upon new project option but the automatic way is so much less cumbersome, and it’s not like I actually have an immediate name for these projects other than “new song xx/xx/xx” or some crap lol.

Would be nice if they made an option to put the date in the folder name automatically as that would make the whole situation of new “untitled-XX” folders conflicting with folders that were previously named that a non-issue since they would end up being unique unless you make multiple new project folders in the same day.