renaming regions

I apologize in advance if this topic has already been covered - I haven’t been able to locate a solution in searching the various boards.
I am having difficulty renaming individual regions without renaming all of the regions in the track. I use the info line to do this, and toggling the pref “parts get track names” seems to have no effect.
Just to be clear on what I am trying to do - I’d like to be able to split up a track of a performance in order to identify individual sections of it for editing purposes. I hope I am making myself clear. This is very simple to do in ProTools.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Can anyone steer me straight? Please!

By regions you mean parts in a track?

Not sure if I’m getting exactly what you mean but if you highlight multiple parts and rename in the info lane then all parts will get that name. Is that what you want? Also with the pref “parts get track names”, if you’ve already got something recorded on the track without the pref activated you need to move the part to another track and then move it back, it will then take on the track name. Doesn’t work retroactively I believe until you do that.

If the parts are from the same audio file they cannot have different names.

Ah, I was checking with midi parts. Indeed, audio no dice…

If I’m understanding the OP correctly this is simple…just use the box in the top (see my screen grab below) to rename the separate sections. But maybe this is not what is required?

You did just create parts and it’s ok BUT if you record and you split a event in two parts you cannot have different names because it is the same audio file.

If you’re talking audio events then they have two fields in the Info Line: the Name of the audio file (called the File field) and the Description field. If you can’t see both then check your Info Line preferences (right click on the Info Line and you can tick things you want to see and edit). Using the Description field you can uniquely mark each clip of an audio file in the project.


…and I half suspected this as I was writing so I checked at the time and it worked as I described. BUT it’s not quite as simple as that. In the screen grab below I have successfully chopped up a recorded wave and given each section different names. But I can’t do it with some of the other audio tracks in the same song… I shall have to try and work out what the difference is.
That aside using the description field is, as Mike describes above, what I’ve done in the past.

I’m gonna test it again to see what going on to be sure…

FWIW, I think this is what I did (at least this seems to work) on the tracks where I could rename the different sections of audio.

  1. Record audio file on track as usual.
  2. Either record another section of audio on the same track OR just create an empty section.
  3. Glue the two (or more) bits together.
  4. They have now become a part that can be snipped up and given different names.

Does this happen for you too?

Ok i tested.
A single recorded or imported file, can only have one name even if you split it. You can add different description in every event and so the file name gets Brackets.
If you create parts with events and then split the parts you can name the parts as you wish. The parts can contain any events.
We have to separate the meaning of parts and events, that’s the trick.

Yes, that looks right.

These questions are useful for this sort of thing, it’s not something I’d though of in great depth before as I rarely rename bits like this anymore but useful to know how to if I want to.

Thank you all for these in depth replies! The description field appears to be the simple answer I was looking for. Ir there a similar approach for dealing with midi tracks?

Midi parts can be renamed as you wish on the imfo line.

Thank you, pliktro - for some reason I wasn’t able to accomplish that earlier!

If you rename a track and press Command(on a Mac) when you hit Enter, it will rename all the regions to the track name.


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This might also help, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. On youtube, search for:

Batch Exporting Multiple Regions in Nuendo 7

If you rename a track and press Shift or Ctrl (on a Win) when you hit Enter,
it will rename all the regions to the track name.