Renaming Staff

I’ve got a score (imported from sib) which I’ve imported as a final flow into a Dorico project.
The main score - the first six flows - had SATB Open Score, but the imported flow has a Choir Reduction.
I got the message “Use Players Already In the Score When Possible” and I said yes. So Dorico omitted the ALTO and TENOR staves as unnecessary and put the choir reduction on SOPRANO and BASS.
But the problem is that the staves with the Choir Reduction say only SOPRANO and BASS.
Is there any way I can rename these two staves so they say SOPRANO ALTO on the top line and TENOR BASS on the lower?

Not independently of other flows in which those same instruments appear.

It’ll probably be easiest to re-import the XML and use separate players. You can still assign these players to the same layout(s) as the existing SATB players so their music is accessible alongside the previous flows.