Render all events in new key based on transpose track?

Hi, I used the Global Tranpose track feature as I was sketching to explore different keys for piece project. Now I want to just “apply the changes” – Move all midi notes to correspond to the new transposition, render all audio events, etc, so that I can remove the tranpose track and everything will play back in the new key. I want to do this so that I can export stems/midi files for collaborators in the new key, and continue working on the project in the new key. Is there any way to do this?

Long story short: I wrote and recorded the song in G, then applied global transpose to push it to Ab, and now I just want all events to be in the key of Ab without using the global tranpose track.



Unfortunately I’m not aware of this function, sorry.

If there’s not a built-in function, how would I at least render the audio tracks? Pitched up a semi-tone? Render and replace?

This a job for MIDI>Freeze MIDI Modifiers:


@Steve , unfortunately this doesn’t freeze the Transpose’s track changes. This would freeze only the Info Line Transpose or MIDI Modifiers.

That’s what I first thought – but it seemed logical that it would work. So I tried it anyway, and it worked.