Render audio click crashes Cubase 9.5 on El Capitan!

Which option of Safe Start Mode : using my preferences / disable preferences / delete preferences ?

(with “using my preferences”, the project buggy.cpr gives the same result, bad length file)

  • My Preferences = your current custom preferences, i.e. no change.
  • Disable Preferences = It will be disabled for this one runtime. Once you start Cubase next time, you will use your custom preferences. This is good for testing.
  • Delete Preference = It deletes your custom preferences and you will start with fresh factory preferences by now.

Dear Martin,
I was just asking which mode you wanted me to try, I know how to read :slight_smile:
I’ll try the “disable” option now.

Same behavior, bad length

Interesting. Are you on Mac or Windows (could you attach the basic info to the signature, please)?

I’m on a Mac (10.12.6).
“Render audio click” either crashes Cubase 9.5.10 or creates a file with just noise in the first bar.


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please? Could you share some crash files (located in mac OS Console)?

sure, here’s a recent crash report:
Cubase (27.6 KB)

Resolved and set to Steinberg. Could you please try in Safe Start Mode (just for the info). Thanks

Render Audio Click in Safe Start Mode still produces noise in the first bar, I wasn’t able to make it crash though.
What did you mean by “resolved”? Did you find a repro?

I’ve got the same problem on Windows10. It also produced a noise either at the beginning or the end while it was working. Now it just crashes. Already sent 2 dmp files to support. This feature is why I upgraded to 9.5 and it doesn’t work. Will look into Safe Start Mode, never tried it.


Could you share the crash dumps here too, please?

I just tried in Safe Start Mode and got the same results. I’ve got 2 new crash dumps from this morning. I tried adding them to this message but got an invalid file extension error (both drop and drag and add files…)

Ok, found I had to zip. Here they are.
Cubase 64bit 2018.1.25 .zip (384 KB)

Thank you. If I’m right, this bug should be fixed in the next Cubase update.

May you be right then ! :slight_smile:

Any idea how far off that might be? I really need those click sounds for my projects. It’s the main reason I upgraded.

10 days ago, an admin wrote in this forum : “The issue is known and reproducible. It is currently set to be fixed with the next maintenance update. It might take some weeks for it to be released though…”


Should be fixed now, in Cubase 9.5.20.