Render audio click crashes Cubase 9.5 on El Capitan!


Rendering an audio click is a function I desperately want to use, but on my imac which is running el capitan 10.11.6, it crashes every time…any thoughts anyone?
Sierra was making my imac run very hot, which is why I went back to El capitan.



Imac 2011
quad core 32gb ram
RME Babyface Pro


Could you share the crash file (via Dropbox o similar), please? You can find it in the macOS Console utility.

Any news on this? I’m having the same problem on windows 10


No crashlog, no news.

Sorry, I cannot guess, where it is. It’s good to get a data (the crashlog) to have a look, where does it crash. Thanks.

Can anybody help with this? It’s a real pain!
Mine is crashing on Windows 10 - render audio click
I have crash dump reports but it won’t let me upload them.


ZIP/RAR the crashdump, and attach it here, please.

Ah, that’s how! Thank you.
There’s 3 crash reports here, all related to the same click audio render… (716 KB)

I should add that it’s not crashing on every project I’m working on…but about 50% of them.
Incredibly useful when it works!

That’s interesting info. Can you see any similarities on the projects where does it crash?

I have 6 projects that I’m working on and they all started with the same template although now they have vastly different sounds/VSTs.
I noticed that one of the projects (which crashed) had some weird tempo points inserted (BPM 1 at approx 4125 bars etc). I’ve no idea how they got there but I deleted the weird tempo info and it still crashed.
I’m generally using:
EastWest Composer cloud VST (Mainly orchestral stuff/Strings/Percussion, some guitars),
Spectrasonics Keyscape,
Halion Strings
Steinberg synths
It’s all VST rendered to audio too.
The PC is all up to date + latest Cubase 9.5, I7 processor, 32GB ram.
When the audio click render works it saves a ton of time!


Same here, with a Windows 10 regularly updated. And Cubase 9.5.10.

There are two possibilities :

  • it basically crashes (but a file “Audio click.wav” is created in the Audio folder)
  • it generates an audio click file too long, with some very strange noises at the end of the file

Here are a crashdump with a really simple CPR file (tempo track + signature track > attempt to render it)
Render Tempo (159 KB)


Hello Martin,
I just reinstalled Cubase 9.5.10 from scratch this morning because I had too many crashes, freezes, issues since the 9.5 / 9.5.10 versions.
I tried something with the , please have a look to the 2 projects attached :
The “Alright” project includes a simple fixed tempo track (120bpm 4/4), there is nothing wrong with the rendered Audio-Click file
The “Buggy” project includes a tempo track with just one variation (106bpm) and as you can see, the rendered Audio-Click file has not the right length.
render click (102 KB)


Could you send the crash log file, please?

There’s no crash in this case : please look at the “buggy” cpr file. Inside, you’ll find a bad length rendered Audio-Click file. Locators are from bar 1 to 5, and the file ends before the bar 5.


  1. I would recommend to not hijack this thread. This is something else, not a crash while rendering click. Please, make a new thread.

  2. I cannot reproduce it on my side, the click is rendered OK. Do you use the 9.5.10 update, please?

I’m not hijacking anything…
I’m just tryin to help to find the cause of the crash by sending another example linked to the same problem…
Sometimes it crashes, sometimes it render a bad length file. That’s it.
Yes I’m using 9.5.10

I’m sorry. I’m just afraid someone who will search for the symptoms you have, will not find it. And actually I have a feeling, there is already another thread about this symptoms you described. And I don’t think it’s linked with the crash. I would consider it as the same.

Anyway… Could you try in the Safe Start Mode? Is it always reproducible on your machine?

Yes, as I said, I reinstalled Cubase from scratch (deleting everything Steinberg / Cubase related in AppData, Program, etc.) and it was the same

Reinstallation is something else. Did you try in Safe Start Mode, please?