Render Audio Click problems

Anyone else having problems with this? I just tried it out, first song I tried on worked fine but all the ones after get a bunch of garbage for the first bar. Would be interesting to know if it’s only here before I file a bug report.

v9.5.1 installed.


Could you share the sound (export it as a common Audio track), please?

Indeed. Watch your ears:!Ar3W-MwG-a_ihhCQL1EWW1EHYm-D

Wow, that’s really not nice.

Is it the same with all projects? Is it the same in C9.5.10? Do you use any external FXs or Instruments?

I haven’t had time to mess around with it more so I don’t know about other projects. This was in 9.5.10. No external FX or instruments.