render before meta normalising?


I have 12 tracks in my montage and have applied different compression via the multiband compressor on each of them. I’m happy with this and want to use the meta normalise command for loudness [will select avg]. Do I have to now render this montage (all 88.2 k/24 bit files) first and then apply the meta normalise or if I meta normalise without rendering, will it include the multiband compressor effect used on each track from the montage?

One more thing. My transport bar seems to disappear in my montage. I minimize the screen to try to find if it and no luck. It is checked on under the workspace menu for commands. Any ideas how to get this back?


You don’t need to render. The meta normalizer will take the effects into account, unless you specify otherwise.

For the command bar, look the list in menu Workspace > Commands bars

All right, thanks

The command bar for Transport was checked on. It just disappears for some reason

Then create a new empty workspace from a factory preset, and you’ll be fine.